What do virgins at the Rocky Horror Show forced to do?

runtheatrerun asked:

Me and my friends are thinking about going to see a live showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show, but heard that first timers (virgins) are forced to go onstage and do stuff. We are unsure if we wanna go for fear out of what they might make us do. So if you could tell me what they have to do that would be great. I'm pretty sure we are going no matter what, we just want to know.


  1. nothing bad I’m sure

  2. kill echother

  3. The WingHunter says:

    touch our crotches in the audience

  4. Titzen_Ash_23 says:

    You have to dance the time warp… throw rice… sing.. yell at the stage.. as far as I know… nothing sexual. I’ve seen it over 250 times!
    Never seen ***. A Virgin means you’ve never seen the movie before.

  5. All virgins are marked with a big red V in lipstick, on their foreheads.
    The most naive looking ones are generally pulled on stage for games. The virgin games typically have a sexual theme, like deep throating a banana or faking an ******.

    You won’t be forced into anything too crazy.

    Enjoy the show!

  6. My first time there they made me deep throat a banana. Still, it was awesome. Go or you’ll regret it haha.

  7. Actually, I went to this show when I was a teenager. They wrote a V on my forehead in lipstick and asked me to imitate a pig having an ******. It was sort of embarrassing, but other people were doing dumb things too. And, as always, you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Don’t ever let anyone pressure you into something you don’t want to do. Have fun!!!

  8. It totally depends on the place. Each one is different. When I went, they made balloon hats that resembled (sort of) penis’ and we wore them, but even that was optional, I mean if you don’t say your a RHPS virgin, they won’t really know. My friend went to a different one and they actually wrote a big V in red lipstick on the “virgins'” foreheads. In everyday context, it seems embarrassing, but most everyone there has done it and everyone is laughing and it’s good fun, you should definitely go!

  9. Don’t do it. That show is so filthy.

  10. it’s going to vary from show to show and cast to cast.

    No two nights are ever the same… and no two “de-virginizations” are the same.

    Some shows just make you dance around on the stage for a moment or two… others will place cherries between your teeth and pop them into your mouth… other shows will find new & creative ways to “break you in” – it’s all silly fun & shouldn’t be TOO humiliating for anyone.

    Have fun with it & don’t worry – everyone was a “virgin” at one point.

  11. gurlygurl20000 says:

    Don’t fret, legally they can’t make you do anything.

    Go and have fun :) I so would want to go :(

  12. if your going to the movie(people act out on stage………)……….
    nothing really…………..it is fun………..I used to get ripped………
    If you are bothered.rent/buy the dvd ahead of time………

  13. Don’t worry about it, as a long time Rocky Horror fan, you will not be forced to do anything that you do not want to. However, if you know exactly what to expect it will take away the fun of your first time. Relax and let loose and you will have a blast.