Whose Line is it Anyway: Song Styles: Rocky Horror

whoselinepro asked:

Wayne, Greg, Colin & Ryan sing about a coffee grinder in the style of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"


  1. thats really true they do a lot of edititng on this show so one show may not be all from the same session they just take bits and pices from each session.

  2. peachypeach13 says:


  3. DragonFlyHero says:

    I loved Greg in this. He was actually doing the Time Warp for a little bit there, and then he fainted like the Transylvanians at the end of the scene in Rocky Horror.
    Although I have to give props to Ryan, because I think he was trying to act like Columbia at the beginning.

  4. fuckingchaka says:


  5. superb0r3d says:

    Best one I’ve seen xD

  6. crazicupcake says:

    lmaooo that is funny stuff

  7. FlyingNinjaGirl says:

    there singing time warp they should have done i can make you a man

  8. TheDelilahGrace says:

    so cute! PURE HILARITY!

  9. velveetaslingshot says:

    You can’t go so far as to say it is scripted, but for anyone that takes an improv class, they do practice types of improv over and over again.
    That being said, some of the on the spot improv songs are pretty unbelievable. Real improv is way more glitchy than this. But maybe that just goes to show how freaking talented those four really are.

  10. Easytoremembermember says:

    Yeah, but then again, Colin is always lost.

  11. lamiatepes says:

    I think it’s funny that clearly Greg’s and Wayne have seen the movie…maybe Ryan, but I think poor Colin’s in the dark a bit

  12. stuff like this makes me think the show is scripted not on the spot…

  13. PCGAMEfreak says:

    lol LOVE IT!! One of my all time favorites right there. Thanks for uploading it.

  14. omg! the best of 2 worlds!

  15. latasha201 says:

    this is hilarious!

  16. lindsaylulu1997 says:

    he has a good voice. lol! lmfao

  17. 09Beckstar says:

    Omfg. I almost died watching this. Lmfao!!! Love Rocky Horror! Kudos to Wayne Brady

  18. well, then if it is, they are really good!

  19. Yeah, this show is pretty much all improv. They’re given scenes and different situations in which they have to act out, but they have no script or anything.

  20. DaddyBigNutz01 says:

    epic ness on the part of wayne brady!

  21. Kabukihomewood says:

    should have been “grinding” with their pelvis, duh!! The pelvic thrust, it really drives you insaaaaaaaane!

  22. treslostnut91 says:

    yes it was and lmao that was fantastic

  23. was this impromptu? I’m not familiar with the show

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  25. MadFannyLaBouche says:

    lmfao i love this one

  26. That insg’htis perfect for what I need. Thanks!